Press Releases


Railway Terminal Schwedenkai / Foto: PORT OF KIEL

Modal shift to rail transport reduces climate gas emissions

The intermodal connection commences operations with three runs in each direction per week.

fl Slipenciuk Claus Gerlach Hundertmark / Foto: POK

Growing rates in passenger and cargo handling at port terminals

Passenger traffic rises by 8.4 % to nearly 2.4 mio. passengers. Handling result rises by 1.9 % to 6,8 mio. tons.

Shunting Area at Schwedenkai / Foto: PORT OF KIEL

Cargo traffic transferred to rail transport reduces CO2 emissions

The port’s line-up capacity will be enhanced to reduce train movements to and from the shunting station.

New rail Track inaugurated / Foto: PORT OF KIEL

Longer trains for seaport’s hinterland transport

Kiel’s shunting station has been enhanced so that freight trains with a length of 740 m can enter.

Train connection to Verona / Foto: PORT OF KIEL

New connection reduces carbon footprint of hinterland traffic

Shifting hinterland traffic to the more eco-friendly mode of rail Transport takes pressure off local road network.

AIDAprima in Kiel / Foto: Stephen Gergs

On-shore power supply plant at Ostseekai from next year on

The port has been visited on 174 separate occasions by 32 different cruise ships with a total tonnage of 15 million GT.

Port Prize awarded/ Foto: PORT OF KIEL

37th “Sprottenback” companies of Kiel’s maritime industry

The Federal Government Coordinator for the Maritime Industry has been honoured with the Port Award 2019.

Crest Exchange in Kiel / Foto: PORT OF KIEL

Eight visits by two CMV/TransOcean ships in Kiel

VASCO DA GAMA is the sixth cruise ship to be seen for the first time in the Capital City of Schleswig-Holstein this season.

Shore Power Supply / Foto: PORT OF KIEL

Kiel enables emission-free power to ships in port

Color Line’s big cruise-ferries can now be supplied with emission-free electric power from on shore

MSC Meraviglia / Foto: MSC

Ostuferhafen cruise terminal is homeport for MSC cruise ships

Through exhanced terminal capacities, MSC will keep on expanding its presence in Northern Europe.

Port Presentation in Stockhom / Foto: HHM

Platform for exchange between trade partners

The Swedish and the German companies all profit equally from a forum of the ports like this.

PORT OF KIEL at the ITB / Foto: Eva Arning

Tourism is of growing economic importance for Schleswig-Holstein

Meet the PORT OF KIEL at the leading trade fair of the world’s travel industry: the ITB in Berlin.

"Mein Schiff 2" in Kiel / Foto: PORT OF KIEL

Kiel welcomes the TUI Cruises newbuilding

"Mein Schiff 2" change of flags at the Ostseekai Terminal, on Tuesday, 22nd January 2019.

RoRo-Cargo-Handling / Foto: PORT OF KIEL

More than 2.2 million passengers and over 7 million cargo tons

Kiel continues to grow in passenger traffic, while Cargo handling decreased by 3.5 %.

Color Carrier / Rendering: Color Line

Additional freight ferry helps road to sea switch

Color Line operates an additional freight ferry "Color Carrier" on the route from Kiel to Oslo.

500th SCA ship clearance / Foto: PORT OF KIEL

500th ship clearance in the port of Kiel and at the Kiel-Canal

SCA Logistics successfully moved its activities to the Ostuferhafen in Kiel 2 ¼ years ago.

Cruise Ship at Ostseekai Temrinal / Foto: Port of Kiel

PORT OF KIEL publishes results of months-long survey

Evaluation indicates that the air quality in and around the cruise shipping terminal is good.

Press conference aboard. Picture: Tom Körber

Infrastructure, economy, and tourism in northern Germany

The Partners came together to set out the ways in which they will be stepping up their existing collaboration.