Start of Cruise Season 2022

by Niklas Wietzke

PORT OF KIEL expects most international season of all times

Cruise season, Tom Körber


(Kiel, 20th April 2022) The PORT OF KIEL welcomes the first ship of this year's cruise season, the "Hamburg", on Wednesday morning. With a total of 249 planned calls, this year is expected to be the most international cruise season ever in Kiel. To coincide with the start of the season, the PORT OF KIEL will also be opening its terrace at the OSTSEEKAI to visitors for the first time.

Most international cruise season

The "Hamburg" berths at the OSTSEEKAI on Wednesday morning. This is the first call of the official cruise season. The PORT OF KIEL expects a total of 249 cruise visits this year. Due to Corona and the resulting decline in tourism, the number of calls in the past two years was significantly lower. Compared to the last regular season, in 2019, the PORT OF KIEL is looking forward to an increase of about 40 per cent this season. "We are expecting the most international season ever. We are looking forward to guests from all over the world, but of course also to the international crews. For many, Kiel with its city centre location is a very popular port. For quite a number of ships it is the first return to Kiel after two years!“ says Dr Dirk Claus, Managing Director at the PORT OF KIEL. In addition to well-known shipping companies such as MSC, TUI, AIDA and Costa, new shipping companies such as Norwegian Cruise Line and Regent Seven Seas are also expected to call at the port of Kiel.

Terrace at the OSTSEEKAI

With the start of the cruise season, the PORT OF KIEL opens the terrace at the OSTSEEKAI to the public. Due to the Corona pandemic, the originally planned opening of the terrace had been postponed until now. "We are all the more pleased that people from Kiel and other interested parties will be able to use the terrace this summer.  We hope that this will bring the port a little closer to the people," emphasises Dr Claus. From now on, visitors are welcome on the terrace at the terminal on days when cruise ships call. The entrance is located between the two terminal buildings at the OSTSEEKAI.

Climate-friendly berthing times

Also this cruise season, climate-friendliness is a big topic. "We are currently in preparations with the shipping companies for corresponding integration tests to check whether on-shore power supply at the berths is a possible option for them. For us it is clear that climate-neutral berthing times in the port are an important part of the future of shipping tourism," says Dr Claus. The PORT OF KIEL has been pursuing a stringent sustainability strategy for years with the goal of climate neutrality by 2030. The company continuously invests in its shore power infrastructure. The PORT OF KIEL currently has two shore power facilities with connection possibilities for up to three ships at the OSTSEE-, NORWEGEN- and SCHWEDENKAI. In May, the contract for two more shore power plants will be awarded, so that after completion six ships can be supplied with power in parallel. The PORT OF KIEL relies on European green electricity for its power supply.


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