A sound network and maintaining and developing partnerships is the basis for sustainable and effective actions.

Baltic Ports Organization

The Baltic Ports Organization (BPO) is a regional organisation of ports that inspires and helps its members and actively supports the cooperations among them. The BPO was founded with the aim to facilitate cooperations among the ports as well as for assessing and improving the opportunities for the shipping industry in the Baltic Region.

CLIA Germany

CLIA Germany is the German representation of the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), the world organisation of the cruise shipping industry with representations in Europe, North and South Amercia, Asia and Australia. CLIA is the world's largest cruise association dedicated to the support and growth of the cruise shipping industry.

European Sea Ports

The European Sea Ports Orgnisation (ESPO) based in Brussels is the voice of the sea ports in the European Union. ESPO represents the joint interests, views and values of its members and lobbies for them at European institutions and their decision makers. The ESPO membership is made up of port authorities, port administrations and sea ports of the European Union and Norway.

Central Association of German
Port Operators i.e.

The Central Association of German Port Operators, i.e. "Zentralverband der deutschen Seehafenbetriebe e.V.(ZDS)" is the federal association of companies involved in handling seaborne goods in German sea ports. It is a cooperation of port companies that are directly and indirectly participating in handling goods in German sea ports or serve martime transport. The main tasks of the ZDS are the representation of interests of the German port industry towards the coastal states, the Federation and the European Union as well as cooperating with other national and international organisations of the transport industry.

Port of Hamburg i.e.

The Port of Hamburg is Germany's largest universal port. Jointly its members, Port of Hamburg Marketing is active worldwide to strengthen its position on the market against international competition. The ports in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region have also found this marketing organization to be a powerful partner for professional marketing of the location.

General Association of Ports
in Schleswig-Holstein i.e.

The PORT OF KIEL is a member of GVSH, the general association of ports in Schleswig-Holstein. It is a registered, judical and non-economic association of port operators and port industry companies. Its purpose is to represent joint interests to the industry, politics and authorities and promote the exchange of experience regarding technical and economic questions.

Decentralised Cargo Transport Centre
Kiel i.e

The decentralised cargo transport centre Kiel (Güterverkehrszentrum Kiel) meets all requirements of a holistic service. The existing network of a maritime cluster made out of shipyards, suppliers, component manufacturers, maritime technology, military technology, engineering, science, PORT OF KIEL and many more as a "maritime competence association" in the direct environment of the Fjord profits from logistics services of the Güterverkehrszentrum and vice versa.

Swedish Chamber of Commerce i.e.

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Germany is a lively meeting point for Swedish business in Germany. Founded by Swedish companies in 1959, we have been connecting and empowering our members for over 60 years.