Building Owner Prize to the PORT OF KIE

High architectural quality: Terminal 28 at Ostseekai

Terminal 28 / Foto: Meike Hansen Archimage

(Kiel, 17th November) Every three years, the City of Kiel awards the Building Owner Prize for outstanding buildings in the city. The responsible building owners and architects are thereby honoured. On Tuesday, 16th November, this award was presented for the ninth time. A total of eight building projects were nominated for the Building Owner Award 2021.

The Advisory Board for Urban Design selected the extension of the cruise terminal (Terminal 2) at Ostseekai as the winner. Doris Grondke, Head of the Building Department, together with Julian Weyer, Chairman of the Advisory Board for Urban Design, presented the plaque to Dr Dirk Claus, Managing Director of Seehafen Kiel GmbH & Co. KG, and the architectural firm eins:eins architekten Hillenkamp & Roselius from Hamburg. Doris Grondke, Head of the Building Department, emphasises the high architectural quality of the building: "With this, the Seaport as the building owner has really achieved something exemplary. This time, too, the Building Owner Award has shown that there is a lot of room and many ideas for high-quality architecture in Kiel. With the award, we are setting a strong signal for building culture in our city."

The jury justified its choice of the winning building by stating that the extension to the cruise terminal on the Ostseekai was a bold, exceptionally attractive building that fully lived up to the standards of maritime Kiel: "Its emblematic, identity-creating architecture does justice to the special location on the fjord, which is visible from afar, in an exemplary manner. The building is able to combine with the neighbouring Terminal 27 to form an ensemble without losing its independent architectural character. The jury also praised the "façade idea with several bands of different materiality, from which parapets, ceiling and roof edges develop and which extend around the building and the intermediate building in different forms.” The connection between the two terminals and the open terrace, accessible to the public and cruise passengers via a generous flight of steps, were also praised.

Presentation of the Building Owner Award 2021 (in the picture from left):
Julian Hillenkamp and Christoph Roselius, eins:eins architects
Doris Grondke, Head of the Building Department of the State Capital City of Kiel
Dr Dirk Claus, Building Owner and Managing Director PORT OF KIEL
Julian Weyer, Chairman of the Advisory Council for Urban Design



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