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    N 54° 19' E 10° 8'

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N 54° 19' E10° 8'

Welcome to Kiel

The PORT OF KIEL is one of the most versatile ports in the Baltic region. Its geographic location, permanent depth for seagoing vessels and the direct link to the national rail and road network make the port very attractive for cargo and passenger traffic alike. State-of-the-art terminal facilities and a high service quality enable an individual approach. Furthermore, Kiel profits from its location at the entrance to the world's most frequented artificial waterway, the Kiel Canal.



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17 Jan 2019
RoRo-Cargo-Handling / Foto: PORT OF KIEL

More than 2.2 million passengers and over 7 million cargo tons

Kiel continues to grow in passenger traffic, while Cargo handling decreased by 3.5 %.

11 Jan 2019
COLOR CARRIER / Picture: Color Line GmbH

Additional freight ferry helps road to sea switch

Color Line operates an additional freight ferry "Color Carrier" on the route from Kiel to Oslo.

7 Jan 2019
500th SCA ship clearance / Foto: PORT OF KIEL

500th ship clearance in the port of Kiel and at the Kiel-Canal

SCA Logistics moved its activities to the Ostuferhafen in Kiel 2 ¼ years ago.