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Intermodal transport on the upswing.

„Train driver“ – this one was right at the top of the wish list for many of us when we were asked: “What do you want to be when you’ve grown up?” What we probably did not consider back then might have been the fact that today, this job brings with it a position to contribute personally to the reduction of emissions in cargo transport.

Fact is that intermodal transport leads to the significant reduction of emissions due to shifting cargo transhipment from road to rail and sea. Compared to road transport, rail traffic produces a lot less emissions in terms of fine particulate matter, nitrogen oxides and greenhouse gases. Intermodal transport (rail/ship) has gained more and more importance in the past couple of years.

In 2017, 30,000 freight units were transported by rail rather than road at the port of Kiel. So being a train driver is a job with a future! Stefan Hehner, Shunting Locomotive Driver at PORT OF KIEL, and his colleague Maik Kühl, Shunting Attendant, are of the same opinion. With their locomotive the two of them move several hundreds of metres of freight trains up and down the shunting tracks during their shift so that these are prepared for their onward journey into the German and European hinterland. “No matter if it’s summer or winter, I like being outdoors. I like feeling the breeze and the rattle of the wheels on the tracks underneath my feet. This is the great thing about my job and every “Railer” will understand that”, Hehner says (Shunting Locomotive Driver since 1986, despite
originally being trained as a machine fitter). Kühl (trained tiler and originally working as a gardener for years and a lateral entrant to the job) says: “It is a very versatile job and I have responsibility. I like cargo handling, passenger trains aren’t my cup of tea. With this job I can see what I have done and accomplished at the end of the day.”

Accomplish and develop – this is what we are doing,
too, across the entire port: In order to further deve - lop intermodal transport, we are expanding:


  • Recommissioning of the intermodal terminal at Norwegenkai for the freight ferry „Color Carrier“
  • Expansion of shunting station Meimersdorf from tracks of 500 m to 750 m length
  • Installation of a third shunting track at Schwedenkai: Read more ...


  • Doubling the freight capacity; approx. 36,000 additional freight units per annum.
    Approx. 40 % of cargo units to be handled via rail transport.
  • Longer trains minimise the average cost for individual units and make intermodal transport more efficient.
    Linking all three intermodal terminals with the Ruhr region and Italy through direct trains.
  • Increased efficiency of the intermodal terminal at Schwedenkai.

Business Information

The intermodal railway shuttle offers regular rail connections for semi-trailers, swap-bodies and containers from Kiel to destinations in Germany and Europe-wide.

With its own track network and the shunting station in Kiel-Meimersdorf the PORT OF KIEL offers optimum requirements for rail transport from and to all port areas in Kiel.