CHM stands for "Corporate Health Management". For us, this means that in addition to holistic occupational health and safety, we also offer workplace health promotion for all our employees. It is also important to us to achieve a better management culture, to consider age-appropriate work organisation and to promote work-life balance.

More and more companies are recognising the importance of corporate health management, but it is by no means a matter of common practice. The PORT OF KIEL takes CHM very seriously and is one of the pioneers in Kiel. Join our team, new colleagues wanted!


CHM Activities.


We can only achieve our goals together. That's why our employees are at the centre of everything we do. Their induction and further training are just as important to us as periods of relaxation or special offers during working hours. At the PORT OF KIEL, employees are not just employees - for us, they are part of the bigger picture and essential to our success. The way in which every single employee at the PORT OF KIEL faces new challenges and tasks every day has made us a five-star port over the years. By focussing on continuous growth and forward-looking management, we are able to offer our employees long-term prospects and exciting development opportunities.