Already since 2012 PORT OF KIEL offers an incentive for shipping companies to invest in propulsion and fuel systems that are as eco-friendly as possible: an environment-related reduction of the port charge. This incentive is based on the “Environmental Ship Index” (ESI), an international standard which enables the comparison of vessel emissions. The index provides information on the environmental performance of ships regarding air pollution through NOx, SOx and CO2.

The target is that ships with particularly low emission values pay less port charge than vessels that cause a higher pollution of the environment. The tariff of the port of Kiel grants seagoing ESI-certified vessels with over 30 ESI points a discount on the port charge of five percent. Vessels that received an ESI discount in 2017 were the “Wilson Astakos” that loaded grain in the Nordhafen as well as cruise ships like “Arcadia”, “Europa 2” and “MSC Fantasia”.