Handling equipment.

Since 2018, ten out of 50 fork lift trucks of PORT OF KIEL Stevedoring are electricall driven. Also for RoRo handling electrically driven tractors and fork lifts are basically available on the market and have been tested by PORT OF KIEL. However, the tests showed that they do not have sufficient battery capacity yet to cover one whole shift, do not have enough lifting force and do not yet meet the requirements of loading a vessel. The PORT OF KIEL closely follows the technical development of these machines and keeps considering this option for future procurement plans.


Since 2015, existing fossil fuel cars have been replaced by e-cars that are supplied with eco-power at port-owned charging stations. The "power drivers" hold a share of 15 percent of the fleet of 33 company cars. In future, more and more cars are supposed to be replaced including those used for handling operations.

Picture: Tom Körber