by Ulf Jahnke

Additional intermodal train between Kiel and Verona

Seaport hinterland rail traffic continues to rise

Additional cargo train to Verona

(Kiel, July 13th, 2017) Seaport hinterland rail traffic continues to rise. In the wake of the opening of a new direct connection to Trieste at the start of the year, an additional intermodal train – the fourth - is now operating between Kiel and Verona. Northern Italy has in the meantime become the most important rail cargo link from Kiel.

The additional Verona train operates every Tuesday with the loading deadline 17:00 hours at the Schwedenkai Terminal. The train leaves Kiel-Meimersdorf station at 21:40 hours and is scheduled to arrive in Verona on Wednesday at 22:23 hours. Trailers and containers are then available for collection early on Thursday morning.

The four weekly direct train services between Kiel and Verona are run by Kombiverkehr KG in Frankfurt. Departures with these trains, which are available to all forwarders, are on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. There are, in addition, three company trains operating to and from Verona.

Additional cargo train between Kiel and Verona: 

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